Yes, the Eleport card works in Latvia, but only at Eleport Latvia charging stations.

Customer account: When creating an account, you have to enter your credit card details, and billing is done automatically at the beginning of the month. To create an account, go to Business customers are billed with an invoice.

One-time payment: You can pay using a one-time charge. This can be done using the web environment or the Eleport app. You must enter your debit or credit card information.

The following variables affect the car’s loading speed:

  • Battery temperature
  • Battery charge level
  • Charger capability
  • Battery temperature

If you notice a slower-than-usual charging speed, pay attention to how hot it is outside and whether you’ve used fast charging before. Each quick charge raises the battery temperature, and in the event of insufficient cooling or too fast a fast charge, the vehicle will begin to limit the car’s charging capacity to protect itself. Only a holiday in the car will help against this!

Low battery temperatures also affect charging capacity.

1. Battery charge level

The general rule for electric cars is that the lower the battery, the more power you can charge. The range with the lowest charging capacity is 80-100%. So if your battery is already over 80% charged, less charge is normal!

Example of the change in the charging capacity of an electric car over time ( %, power on y axis):

2. Charger capability

There are several dozen manufacturers of electric car chargers on the market and their capabilities are divided into four:



Typical use

Charging time *

Slow (AC)

3-7 kW

Charging from home


Normal or semi-fast


Charging from the home charger


Fast (DC)


Public chargers


Ultrasound (DC)


Public chargers by the roadside

< 20 minutes

* Considering an average battery size of 58.8kWh (source:

CCS, Type2, Type1 standards

The charging cable is always locked by the car!

Therefore, to unlock the charging cable, it must be released by the vehicle.

Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi: Press the unlock button 2x doors

Opel Ampera: The charging station lock button must be held down

Tesla: Inside the vehicle, release the lock

Citroen, Peugeot, Opel: Locks automatically, if not, press the unlock button 2-3x the doors.


Make sure the download is complete.

The cable is unlocked automatically. However, if this did not happen, try calling customer service and asking them to release the chapel from afar.

In the worst case, there is a fault and a technician must drive in, releasing the cable manually.

If the car-sharing cars obstruct your charging, call the car rental company’s customer service line and ask them to open the vehicle’s doors so that they can drive away from the charger. If driving is not necessary, simply ask them to release the charging cable.

Driving Sharing Customer Support Phone Numbers:

Bolt Drive: +372 606 8127

Elmo rent: +372 527 2626

Beast rent: +372 5593 0444

Eleport rental: +372 5599 2866

Before you leave your car parked at our charger, make sure there is enough space for others to charge. If you block charging, we will be forced to move the vehicle and impose a fine on you.
Also note the parking arrangements for the specific charger. Not Free parking is not allowed at all chargers.

No, charging stops automatically when the vehicle reaches 100% charge .

Make sure that the battery charge limit is not set in the car .
Make sure the applications that control the download didn’t do it for you. For example Gridio .
If you suspect that someone has stopped charging unauthorized, call customer support.

Charging of another vehicle can only be stopped when the battery is more than 90% charged.
If you stop downloading it, we will temporarily suspend your account .

The emergency button must only be used in an emergency. Use an app or RFID card / chip to complete charging.

Failure to do so will result in a short-term account block.